Socorro is the alternate ego behind an architect who leads a chapter of a local organization of architects. With her busy schedule, she rarely has time for extra-curricular activities aside from her profession. Socorro loves computer, loves to play games, goes out to dinner, and be whoever but not an architect……. but that’s not the case. Socorro still loves designing stuff, planning stuff, and criticizing spaces and stuff. She is the alter-ego.


Socorro is a thirty-year-old struggling architect in the Philippines, with struggling clients on a budget – so it had to be her to take the challenge to make ends meet every time. That’s where her ideas come in. From discounts to haggle without compromising aesthetics and quality – it’s a very rough road. You will find her haggard and exhausted almost every night, but you will rethink how she manages to lead an entire group of architects on another side…. and now, a website? She must have all the time in the world.

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